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Portland, San Francisco, Tbilisi, Amman, Salvador: Cities Linked by Youth Entrepreneurship

Recognizing the potential for youth entrepreneurship in every country, a group of West Coast American high school students founded Global Youth Entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to engage and support teens in entrepreneurship and connect students across the globe through cultural exchange. 

Global Youth Entrepreneurs’ website shares our startup experiences and plans and provides a model that can be replicated in cities and nations including yours.

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Our Mission:

Engage and support teens in entrepreneurship. Connect students across the globe through cultural exchange.



We are committed to providing teens around the world with hands-on entrepreneurial experiences. We work with field experts and successful entrepreneurs to create a supportive, exciting, and dynamic environment for learning and experimentation.


Cultural Exchange

During our global experiences, we engage with high school-age Startup Weekend participants to create long-lasting, engaging, and educational cultural exchanges. We work with school administrators and individual families to host students and foster entrepreneurial cultural immersion.

Project Map

As we reach out to students across the globe, we are committed to engaging with students from diverse socioeconomic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.

Click on the image for a live map view.

Click on the image for a live map view.

Host a Startup Event!

Join a group of highly dedicated and motivated students, mentors and educators, and create a truly community enriching experience. Organizing a startup event is an extremely rewarding experience that leads to some really cool opportunities. Reach out to us, and we will help you to put on an event in your city!


Meet the Global Youth Entrepreneurs TEAM


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