Trustees of Tomorrow

A GYE flagship program, the Global Youth Entrepreneurs’ Trustees of Tomorrow (ToT) Exchange Program engages youth across borders and engenders shared entrepreneurial spirit and cross-cultural affinity through collaboration. ToT builds off the successes and lessons learned from our initiatives in Portland, Oregon, Tbilisi, Georgia, and Amman, Jordan.

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Statement of Purpose

We, the youth of today, are coming of age in a time of many pressing challenges that can only be addressed through global cooperation; now, more than ever, it is crucial to build understanding and collaboration between nations and across borders. We must realize that we are capable of creating the future we hope to inherit: that we can decide whether the world we are to lead when we inherit our countries’ institutions will be one of enmity, or, rather, one of trust.


program Mission

To build long-term trust and goodwill between future generations of Eurasian countries and the United States through self-initiated two-way exchange opportunities and entrepreneurial partnerships between secondary school students.

Model cycle in brief

  1. Each participating Eurasian country’s delegation of students pays a 10-day visit to a different U.S. city, where U.S. host students, with the support of local community-based organizations coordinate a program modeled off the 2019 Tbilisi-Portland Entrepreneurial Exchange Program. The groups develop entrepreneurial projects with a social benefit, receive mentorship from local civic and business leaders, and participate together with local peers in a Startup Camp (an immersive weekend-long startup creation event) organized by the host students.

  2. U.S. students and Eurasian counterparts collaborate virtually on projects begun in the U.S. for six months, bringing these projects to the point of viable enterprises or non-profits.

  3. Each group of U.S. students pays a 10-day visit to its respective Eurasian country to pitch its creation together with their Eurasian hosts and teammates to private and state investors. A second cohort of U.S. students travels with the original one and participates in a program analogous to that in the U.S. in Phase 1 and coordinated by a second cohort of Eurasian students.

  4. Phase 2, but with the new set of cohorts.

  5. Phase 3, but in the U.S.

  6. Phase 2, but with newest, third set of cohorts.

  7. And so on!

Approximate Timeline

Phase 1: December 2019

Phase 2: January–June 2020

Phase 3: June 2020

Phase 4: July 2020–December 2020

Phase 5: December 2020

Cyclical, self-sustaining program design allows for future programming that adapts to the needs and demand for programming in different areas across the region.


Are you a student in the U.S. or Eurasia interested in participating? Or an organization interested in partnering with us on ToT? Please contact us at globalyouthentrepreneurs (AT)!

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